About the Band

The ‘tetcollective Band was started by a group of friends who played Sundays on a Cobourg member’s front lawn during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in support of front-line health workers.

Five of us formed a new band in August of 2020 to play music that interested us and maybe others as well. We started with bass guitar, clarinet/vocal, alto sax and not just one, but two trombones. It wasn't long before tenor sax, guitar, percussion and a trumpet player joined us.  As luck would have it, we had vocal and keyboard skills as well! Certainly an interesting mix to say the least. And, here we are!

The name came about because in the beginning we did not know how many members we would have. Were we creating a quartet, sextet, nonet etc.? So we just went with the ‘tet prefix as it fits almost any size group, in this case a collective. Plus it's unique.

We continue to enjoy playing tunes we like, challenging ourselves with more difficult charts while having fun.

2024 'tetcollective

Barry, Brad, Grant, Hugh, James, Ken, Neil, Pat, Shasta, Tom, Wendy

2023 'tetcollective

Wendy, Barry, Brian, Neil, Tom, Carmelo, Martin and Andy

2022 'tetcollective

Wendy, Barry, Brian, Dave, Neil, Tom, Quentin, and Carmelo